35 years ago, Midwest Industrial Sales began supplying parts and components for the Euclid and Terex Rigid frame trucks.  Even though we have expanded our product line to many other types of equipment, we are still the originators of heavy haul truck parts and components.

Rigid Frame Truck Parts

Euclid Haul Truck Parts

We still stock parts and components for Euclid Haul trucks – specifically R25, R35, R40, R60, R85B, and R90.

If you are looking for a hard to find differential or planetary assembly, or even a driveline or hydraulic cylinder, Midwest Industrial Sales still has you covered.

Hitachi Truck parts

As Euclid evolved, so did Midwest – covering rebuilt components for the Hitachi EH750, EH100 Trucks.  We supply complete front trailing arm assemblies, and all power train components to support these trucks.

Caterpillar Haul Truck Parts

Our largest stock of rebuilt components are those for the Caterpillar haul trucks.  Specializing in sizes from the 773B/D/E to the 777, 777D, and even the 777F – We have the remanufactured components in stock to keep your downtime to a minimum.  777F Final Drive issues and no time to pull your unit, request an exchange unit or a complete drop in drive axle to keep the truck production moving along.

Terex Haul Trucks

Still have a fleet of TR60, TR70, or TR100?  We still have you covered.  NEW Parts and Rebuilt components available for all models of Terex Rigid frame trucks.

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