EUCLID Parts and HITACHI Parts

We have been supplying Euclid Parts for over thirty years. We consistently stock rebuilt parts such as planetary assemblies, differentials, hydraulic cylinders, etc. for Euclid trucks ranging from the 20 ton to the 90 ton. As the Euclid Brand transitioned, so did we – and began stocking Hitachi Parts and rebuilt components to fit the same size rigid frame trucks as their predecessor.

euclid parts - hitachi parts

Euclid-Hitachi Parts

Hitachi Truck Parts

Hitachi EH750, EH750-3
Hitachi EH1100, EH1000, EH1100-3
Hitachi EH1600

We supply rebuilt components and new parts to fleets of Hitachi Trucks nationwide.  From complete front axle assemblies (trailing arm, king pin, spindle setup) to remanufactured differentials, we believe that we have the largest stock of components and parts for Euclid-Hitachi in the US.

Euclid Parts – R25 – R40 Series Trucks 

Euclid R20 – 97FD
Euclid R22 – 103FD, 203FD, 207FD
Euclid R25 – 215FD
Euclid R35 – 201TD, 301TD, 312TD, 324TD
Euclid R40 – 402TD, 404TD, 406TD, 412TD

Euclid Parts – R50-R90 (LD and ND Series)

Euclid R50 – 201LD, 301LD, 312LD, 324LD
Euclid R60 – 402LD, 404LD, 406LD, 412LD, 422LD
Euclid R85 – 306ND
Euclid R85B- 316ND
Euclid R90 – 322ND

No matter what size Euclid truck you are running – we still stock the parts to keep you going.

One of the most trustworthy names in rigid frame haulers, Euclid has proven to be one of the all time best trucks for moving materials.

We take a large amount of pride in continuing to stock components for Euclid trucks, the very thing we founded our business on over 35 years ago. If you still run the green machines, or love the newer orange ones – give Midwest a chance to become your supplier of parts.

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