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Caterpillar 988G Arrives for Disassembly

13Sep 2018
Caterpillar 988G Arrives for Disassembly
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A special thanks to Collins Heavy Haul and Rigging Company for navigating the mountains of West Virginia to rescue and deliver this Caterpillar 988G Wheel Loader to our facility in Gardner, IL. Over the course of the next week, our dedicated team will be working to dismantle, rebuild, test, and polish all the components salvaged from this piece of equipment. From transmissions to cylinders, a final drive to a torque converter, the following parts will soon be added to our inventory:

988G / H Transmission (2306315)

Located in our state-of-the-art transmission shop, we completely rebuild using all new electrics, harnesses, solenoids, normal plates, friction discs, and seals and bearings. It will then be tested on our full in-house Dyno. This process reassures our products are up to OEM standards and running like they are straight from the factory. Our goal is to offer you the top quality reman, without the factory prices.

988G / H Cylinders 

We are constantly updating our stock of hydraulic cylinders for a variety of heavy equipment. We completely repair and refinish all of our hydraulic cylinders before shipping, so that you can be assured you are getting the best quality replacement. The best part? If you need a repair, we provide an exchange unit so that your production doesn’t stop. This particular 988G Wheel Loader will contain the following parts: 

  • ♦ RH Boom Cylinder (1738612)
  • ♦ LH Boom Cylinder (1738613)
  • ♦ Tilt Cylinder (2311955)
  • ♦ LH Steering Cylinder (2594733)
  • ♦ RH Steering Cylinder (2594737)
  • ♦ Steering Cylinder (2880568)


988G / H Torque Converter (1285303)

This 988G Wheel Loader also contains a torque converter. Our team with a combined 150 years experience will completely refurbish and refinish this part before adding to our inventory. Ready to go when you need, our exchange components are available so your work doesn’t have to stop! 

988G / H Final Drive (1920822)

Finally in need of a final drive? We keep these in stock after they are remanned and tested to meet our quality standards! The 988G we are dismantling will add another final drive to our fast-selling stock, so be sure to contact us today and inquire! 

Looking for these parts?

Contact one of us today! (815) 423-5961 : (800) 447-9343

Ask for JR Vinachi, Tyson Ely, Matt Wilson, Robert Buis, David Biers, or Bill McMullen

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