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Caterpillar 740 Front Suspension Cylinders

09Mar 2018
Caterpillar 740 Front Suspension Cylinders
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Having Trouble with your 740 or 740B Front Suspension Cylinders?  Stop rebuilding them and replace them with a higher quality cylinder from Midwest Industrial Sales.

For the past 5 years, we have been manufacturing replacement cylinders that we believe to be higher quality than the OEM Version.

If you are having one of these problems with your cylinder:

Barrel Eye getting beat out after very low hours, constantly having to repair the barrel

-Can’s splitting at the weldment causing cylinders to leak and lose charge

Look no further than a Midwest Industrial Sales replacement cylinder for 228-2758 or 341-4124.

Let’s compare our new Replacement Cans to Caterpillar’s OEM Can.

—Ours our stronger.  One solid cast piece with limited weldment stops the can from splitting and causing the can to leak at the can.

—Ours are thicker.   Side loading has caused the original Cans to get excessive wear and beat out the barrel end quicker than anyone would like.

—Worried about “Aftermarket” seals?  Don’t be.  We use all CAT Genuine High temp seal kits in our cylinders.  If you ever have to reseal our cylinder, you can order right out of your parts catalog.

—Price – We supply our NEW Cylinders for half the price of OEM List.  And more than likely, an equivalent price as it costs to rebuild your broken cylinder.  Why keep repairing the design that keeps failing?  Replace your struts with MWI Reman struts today!


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